A new chapter…………………

So why did we decide to start this new chapter?

Mr T has long held ambitions to live abroad, and I have been the one to hold back. I was happy at work had close family ties in the UK.  But my priorities changed as work became more of a challenge and Mr T moved to semi-retirement, you can imagine how difficult it was to trot off to work each day leaving him and our cats tucked up in bed.

A friend called one day (Mr D) to flag a TV programme which focused on families moving abroad not to retire but to live and work, this included a slot on the Seychelles (a destination close to our hearts), and the seed was sown.

Just dreaming and chatting to begin with but it dawned on me that I was serious and ready to take the plunge. Was Mr T ready for this? We explored various options including taking regular work abroad and it was at this point I decided that office work is office work no matter where you do it and I needed a complete change.

Running a B&B (chambre d’hôte) really ticked all my boxes and I hope Mr T’s too.  We hope it will give us more time together, offer the opportunity to experience living in a different culture and of course better weather.

I did lots of research before we confirmed our decision, looking for a reason not to continue but we never found one.  Hopefully the planning and research we have undertaken will bear fruit and we can earn enough funds to support ourselves. Yes we will have fewer holidays and less disposable income for stuff but we agreed the change in life style was more important.

So here we are at the beginning of a whole new chapter in our lives, in our new house, in Prayssac, South West France and very excited and nervous we are too!


13 thoughts on “A new chapter…………………

  1. Denise says:

    We wish you both all the very best,You followed your dreams,and we miss you both big time!but I know you have both got what it takes to run a fabulous B&B.You tick all the correct boxes you are simply the best😀😀😀


    • caretta22 says:

      Thanks David. Loads to do here but the sun keeps shining and no rush, as long as we are ready for the spring. Hope all is well with you and if you fancy a break en France just let us know. Best wishes, David


  2. Jom Diment says:

    Slightly alarmed at the reference to a certain Mr D there me old fruitcake but feel I’m ready to bask in your glory once you are up and running ! Don’t think we discussed a consultancy fee for steering you away from Spain.!! Looking forward to the next instalment.


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