image of the local countryside

So we did it….

….and here we are, a short walk from Prayssac in the very sunny and very hot ‘Lot Valley’. It’s now three weeks since we arrived with our cats and a good deal of trepidation.

an image of the nearby countryside

An hour and a half on a plane will bring you to our area and what a difference…. the culture, the weather, the pace of life and of course the paperwork if you stay long enough!

We are very excited as the house and our plans begin to take shape and we meet local builders to discuss our ideas for our Chambre d’hôte, La Maison Cédre. Moving walls and re-tiling the terrace appear to be no problem at all but do you really need an en suite bathroom for yourselves??

Steph is in her element here, as she clearly thinks she’s in charge, but then, she probably is. So I duly load the dishwasher, cut the grass and give up the adapter I was using to play some music.

Strange thing is, I’m loving all the activity so the ‘al fresco’ lifestyle is definitely for me. The sun is shining as I write so I’ll finish now, find a job outside and top up the tan.

France is lovely….come and see us, you know you want to.

Much more to come……………..Mr T.


2 thoughts on “So we did it….

  1. Anne McConkey says:

    Dear Steph, I am really happy for you and Mr. T – you deserve the very best and it sounds like you now have it. I look forward to hearing more of your time in your new home and who knows, maybe Martin and I will one day be one of your paying guests. Lots of love, Anne xx


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