What to do next?

On arrival here in lovely Prayssac, I knew our first job would be to get a few rooms habitable.  Mr T and I had very different priorities for this task.  I spent the first week knee deep in a myriad of cleaning products and unpacked a selection of boxes to make sure I felt comfortable in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom.

Mr T’s focus was very much at the technical end of the spectrum. Our first 2 evenings were spent grappling with the nemesis that is flat packed furniture, in the form of our new TV stand. The end game of course to have the new TV working, if we couldn’t have the internet (and we couldn’t for 10 days) we at least had telly.

So within a few days the house felt reasonably like home for us both so what next?  I had assumed that it would be decorating, the whole of the inside and outside need doing so a mammoth task.  But no, that’ll be for another post (or several).  We took a long look at our not inconsiderable garden (or as some have referred to it as, “grounds”) and decided that this needed to be tackled first.  The jobs immediately needing attention were the untidy hedge which stretches all the way around the house and the grass that was desperately in need of a trim so this was where we started.

Mr T has a keen eye for sharp straight lines and was concerned that his hedge cutting skills may not be up to his own standards, so was keen to get professional help (with the hedge!). We noted lots of hedges belonging to surrounding houses which met his exacting standards, so on a visit to introduce ourselves to a neighbour up the road we asked for details and were put in touch with our hedge trimmer, Mr F. I was nervous about this and the expense involved, my mantra being “if we can do it ourselves we should” but Mr T persuaded me that the hedge was too important and we should have help with its first trim, I agreed that with so much to do just this once would be OK.

ThiDSC03196s is Mr F, and what a fab job he did. We ended up taking advantage of his services for more than a week.  He not only trimmed the hedge but also cut down the branches of our many and varied cedar trees so that you can now see one end of the garden from the other (if you’re at the right angle).  We are now left with the not inconsiderable task of clearing away years and years of pine needles which are probably a foot deep in some places.  DSC03207Here is me with a handful.  If anyone has any ideas other than trip after trip after trip to the dèchetterie (dump) please let us know.

The lawn…..  Mr T has always enjoyed mowing the lawn and was not daunted by the task in hand.  We have a cordless mower (thank goodness) so no lead to get tangled up but it was purchased for a much smaller garden.  The first cut took 7 charges of the battery and several days to complete but, Mr T was so pleased with the performance of his “bish bash” cordless mower that we now have a “bish bash” cordless strimmer.

So the garden now looks much tidier. Thanks to lots of hard work from Mr F in particular.  I am still itching to cut stuff down or back but am being restrained by Mr T. As a person with a history of cutting back too much, he is keeping a close watch on any activity involving me and the secateurs!


4 thoughts on “What to do next?

  1. Mag Saile says:

    It is so interesting to read how you have spent the first 3 weeks and it seems you are making good progress. We would love to visit and will be checking out travel a bit later in the year.
    Good luck with your exciting venture. Love from M and Dad xx.


  2. Jon Diment says:

    When David says his “hedge cutting skills may not be up to hi sown standards ….”, does he actually mean “sod that for a game of soldiers, I’m not cutting all that greenery what with my back and everything, I’d rather pay good money and watch someone else do it? Just a thought ….!


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