What about the cats?

On hearing of our plans numerous folk asked us, What about the cats?  We have 2 cats, Thomas a big old stripy thing known as “The Boy” and Milly a much smaller but louder and mostly white furry thing most often known as “Madam”. We love them both dearly and could not imagine our chambre d’hôte (B & B) without them.  The fish were a different matter and Bat and Cat are now happily residing in Blandford with a new family.

We toyed with the idea of flying the cats to France, but it was expensive and driving them with us fitted in well with bringing our car over.  So we bundled them into palatial sized crates in the back of the car and 19 hours later they arrived in the sunny Lot valley with us.

Milly 2They spent  their first week living in the gîte with us, while we waited for our moving date to arrive.  They settled really quickly into the gîte and we had high hopes for final move.  Tom went out on his second day here at La Maison Cèdre but Milly confined herself to our bedroom and did not venture too far into the house or garden for a few weeks.

Here she is, having squeezed herself into Mr T’s sock basket, and again in my temporary airing cupboard.  Milly does now venture outside but she makes sure that the way back inside is clear just in case an emergency dash is required.

DSC03509Tom has been much quicker to settle in. The head line phot shows him surveying his terrain and keeping guard in case the tabby from over the road pays a visit. They have quickly become arch rivals, an early encounter brought them both tearing into our lounge one evening.  If the caterwauling last night was anything to go by they may be regular sparing partners. Fingers crossed it will not mean too many visits to the vets in Prayssac.


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