A vist to le salon de coiffure

We’ve been here almost 2 months and it has become increasingly obvious that we were both looking less than our best and in desperate need of haircuts.  We’ve got to be tidy for our chambre d’hôte (B & B) guests.  As usual Mr T and I approached this issue very differently.

I have to admit that the thought of changing hairdressers at any time would have left me anxious and I am quite pernickety. There are at least half a dozen salons in Prayssac alone so how should I choose one?  Having given the problem some considerable thought I developed a plan.

  1. Identify a person with short hair which I like and ask them for their hairdresser’s details – fingers crossed they speak English
  2. Visit said hairdresser to make an appointment (phone calls in French are traumatic at the moment) – fingers crossed they speak English
  3. Attend appointment for hair cut – fingers crossed they speak English

NB I have been adding to my French conversational skills steadily since we began planning to move, but was not sure my vocabulary contained sufficient hairdressing terminology.

So how did it go?

  1. Not quite to plan. Without approaching a stranger on the street, the only person who fitted the bill was a lady who works in the Prayssac Post Office who does not speak English. With my best French I told her I liked her hair and asked her to recommend a salon in Prayssac (simples!).  She was quite pleased but as ever the response was tricky to grasp. A great opportunity to improve my French.
  1. Prepared, I dropped in at “Styl’ Coiffure” to make a “rendez-vous”.
  1. Prepared with the French for long, short, grow, textured, asymmetric etc. and a couple of photos I nervously attend my rendez-vous. And…………………….all went well my coiffure “Sheena” had a funky choppy cut which gave me confidence and understood what I wanted. We even chatted (a little) about the perils of decorating as she found some paint (10 year guaranteed exterior gloss) in my fringe, and a neighbour popped in to make an appointment so I ended up feeling quite at home.

The best news, it was around half the price of a cut in the UK, (granted I didn’t get a cup of tea or biscuits) and with my loyalty card I’ll get a whopping 15% off my eighth visit – woop!

What about Mr T?  His plan was much simpler.

  1. Buy some Wahl clippers on-line
  2. Get Mrs T’s to do the honours following a viewing of tutorial on U-Tube
  3. Berate oneself for not purchasing clippers years ago and saving £££’s!

And here we are freshly coiffured!


One thought on “A vist to le salon de coiffure

  1. Iris says:

    Well done you! It is a bit scary, I remember when we first came and I had the same problem, but all they did here was , short and very short. I still tend to wait until I am in the uk xx


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