Painting by numbers

We have been redecorating La Maison Cèdre since August and making steady progress. Following the success of Mr T’s Painting the forth bridge post, we thought an update and some stats might be in order.

55 – the percentage of exterior completed.

10 – the percentage of interior completed.

8 – the percentage of French paint in use. This is too big and too important a project to leave our comfort zone of Dulux and Sandtex! It is so important to us that our Chambre d’hôte (Bed and Breakfast) looks smart. Passers by are already commenting on how good she is looking.

4 – the number of paint suppliers used.dsc03843

7 – number of orders placed with our favourite paint supplier KIS. KIS have been simply great; they are competitively priced, reliable, have a great range available, are helpful and the paint has always arrived in the tins! We have not been so lucky with other suppliers. I would whole heartedly recommend Rob, Poppy, John and the KIS team to any French friends who need paint.

Mr T painting the guest stair case, our latest delivery of paint is in the hall.

160 – litres of paint purchased or on order – so far!

135 – litres of paint actually applied to house.

25 – litres of paint currently available for use.

26 – the number of brushes and rollers used, cleaned and ready to go again. Following the visit of our decorating consultant Mr G in September we have all the gear and some idea.dsc03787

8 – the number of guests booked in for *decorating holidays, as advertised in Mr T’s Painting the forth bridge post. They have proved popular (thank goodness). October is now fully booked but we have availability for November onwards, you might need to be quick though.

Mr A, a happy decorating guest!

* Please note that decorating on decorating holidays is not compulsory. Two types of break are offered or guests can mix the two. 1) Active Decorating; guests are provided with training and equipment and allocated areas to decorate. 2) Inactive Decorating; guests are required to provide sufficient distraction for Mr and Mrs T to take a holiday from decorating. Guests can choose on arrival and those opting for Inactive Decorating will not suffer any detriment of treatment.


4 – the minimum hours of decorating required per day for Mrs T to achieve her self-imposed KPI.

0 – the number of KPI’s Mr T has set for himself.

Mrs T up the Scaffolding.

12 – the number of minutes that the instructions estimated it would take 2 adults to assemble our scaffolding tower for the first time. Yes we have our very own!img_3589

45 – the number of minutes it took 4 adults to actually assemble the scaffolding tower for the first time.

4 – the number of minutes that the instructions estimate it will take to build the scaffolding tower for second and subsequent uses.

Grappling with the first scaffolding build.

? – the minutes actually taken to re-build the scaffolding tower. We are too traumatised to try rebuilding it again so it sits as a semi permanent feature on our terrace. Lovely!

20 – the number of hours Mrs T has spent up the scaffolding tower painting the rough render on the terrace. There’s rough and there’s rough and this is really rough! It looks like one of her growing decorating skills is perseverance with what seem to be impossible tasks. She’s now off the scaffolding and scrambling about in the undergrowth at the back of the house (more rough render) having been barred from climbing ladders by the ever safety conscious Mr T.

1/3 – the average reduction in length of brushes used to paint rough render before Mrs T deems them good for nothing.

3 – the number of brushes now good for nothing.

10 – the percentage of Mrs T covered in paint at the end of most days. She is one messy lady.

0.1 – the percentage of Mr T covered in paint at the end of most days. This is not a reflection of the amount of painting undertaken but of the care with which it is applied.

30 – the number of minutes allocated to lunch – and where we are off to now.



2 thoughts on “Painting by numbers

  1. Jon Diment says:

    Most enlightening!

    For comparison, allow me the opportunity to explain the Diments approach to decorating –

    23 minutes – time spent researching Checkatrade for suitable tradesperson
    2 minutes – time spent leaving message for said tradesperson
    4 days – time spent waiting for said tradesperson to phone back
    48 minutes – number of minutes said tradesperson turn up late for the appointment
    18 minutes – average time trades person spend assessing the job – time includes the obligatory scratching of the head and sucking on a pencil whilst working out the price
    4 minutes – time spent negotiating the price
    No idea – litres of paint used
    No idea – number of paint brushes trashed
    No idea – square meterage of dustcover sheets used
    0% – amount of paint splashed onto the dog during the course of the decorating
    0% – amount of paint splashed onto the cat during the course of the decorating
    38 seconds – amount of time spent writing out the cheque on completion of the work

    Seriously though, good to see you both putting in a shift ahead of our arrival in April ….
    Can we confirm, and just to avoid any confusion, that we have selected Option 2.
    Toodle pip.


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