A Terracetrial Transformation

A few weeks later and with the weather being kind we are finished and looking rather smart with our new extended Turkish Stone terrace.

The terrace extended and just waiting for the spring and our new table and chairs

The terrace extended and just waiting for the spring and our new table and chairs

Looking great down to our built in BBQ and the kitchen.

Looking great down to our built in BBQ and the kitchen.

New steps too

New steps too


Our thanks to Mr DeF and colleague for a job very well done.

Their next commission to install a pathway from the terrace to the front door begins very soon.

And so we move into 2017 very much aware that the plan is to open the doors of La Maison Cèdre in the Spring and we still have more decorating to do than we would normally undertake in five years. Progress continues however, with Mrs T doing a great job with the wooden ceilings in the bathrooms. Not to be outdone, Mr T has almost finished decorating two of the guest bedrooms.

Plans for the new bathrooms are moving forward with Mrs T considering just about every piece of bathroom furniture and fittings known to man. To tile or not to tile, cubicles or walk in etc etc…..decisions, decisions. It’s all a bit beyond me to be honest along with the problem of overcoming the reluctance of water to flow upwards!

Overall not making a bad job of this decorating malarkey, but grappling with the mysteries of pipes and cables….I think not.

As Mr Eastwood once said: ‘A man must know his limitations!’

Blog watchers will remember in a previous post we showed you deliveries of Heating Oil and logs for our burner. Both of these arrived in large quantity with equally impressive invoices attached and a huge expectation from us that they would last at least until Mr T got his telegram from Her Majesty.

Well not quite….every visit to the basement seems to confirm the presence of a fuel thief in Prayssac!

In truth we are probably not using any more than we should be but watching the levels drop is unfamiliar and a reality check we could probably do without. I am however eternally grateful to be reminded about the learning curve thing.

So I now live in hope that one day I will wake to find I am speaking French fluently, empathising with the efficiency of French bureaucracy and totally understanding our new way of life.

In the mean time however, and just in case there is no epiphany, I’m desperately holding on to ‘the learning curve.’

We both wish family and friends old and new, a very happy and successful New Year.

PS Exciting news! We have just taken our first firm booking, and we very much look forward to welcoming Mr and Mrs W to La Maison Cèdre in July.


One thought on “A Terracetrial Transformation

  1. Jon Diment says:

    Mr & Mrs W, eh? Must look out for the Queen’s schedule for 2017 as you never know, you just never know ….!
    Well done, must be very gratifying to know that all your hard work over the past months is being acknowledged by the great British public.


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