It’s that P word again!

It’s been a while since we mentioned the P word, that is painting.

We can hardly believe that we are still hard at it. Well to be honest the shorter days and colder weather means that we have a good excuse not to put in as many hours as we did in the warmer weather. But it just seems to go on and on…..

It feels like we have been using just about every type of paint known to mankind. We are trying to make sure we use the right stuff for each job (so we don’t have to do it again too soon). We have made use of:

  • Kitchen emulsion
  • Endurance emulsion
  • Normal emulsion
  • Interior gloss
  • Interior satin wood
  • All coat
  • Radiator paint
  • Metal paint

and that’s just on the inside!

  • Exterior gloss
  • Exterior emulsion
  • Exterior metal paint
  • Exterior wood paint
  • French shutter paint

plus associated primers and under coats.

And all of this is before we have even thought about paint for renovating some key pieces of furniture, for which we have already lined up specialist chalk paints, sprays and varnishes.

Our good friends at KIS have supplied the majority of these paints.  Don’t forget they continue to offer 10% off all paints full details on in our An offer you can’t refuse post.


Rob from KIS Paints

Rob from KIS Paints

During one of Mrs T’s many conversations with Rob from KIS (Mr T is somewhat perturbed that Rob never wants to speak to him!) Rob asked what we were painting and received a rather unhelpful “the whole house inside and out!”. Rob then suggested that we may want to review some of their paints and to aid this he would provide some samples/discount. So we thought why not.  Who knows this might be a whole other career for us, that is reviewing paints not painting and decorating as clearly we are too slow to make any money from that. I can see us now with a special slot on DIY SOS.

We are keen that the reviews should be, well….. more interesting than watching paint dry. Most of this will be down to our creative writing, but we wondered what you like to hear about in a paint review. Some starters for ten:

  1. Does it do what it says on the tin? One coat, quick drying, odour free etc
  2. How difficult is it to remove from places it shouldn’t be. Cats, clothes, glasses, flesh, the new terrace (ouch!), the list goes on.  Mrs T is one messy individual and Mr T is sure it’s possible to paint a ceiling without gaining a set of white freckles and a streaky fringe!
  3. Honest critique of its relative positives and negatives
  4. Wearability, no not body painting but I guess we mean durability (so far, non of its been up that long)
  5. How easy is it to clean brushes etc.
  6. Value for money
  7. Just a little detail of what we painted
  8. Before and after photos
  9. Coats required
  10. Friendliness, by that we mean, how much preparation was required, ease of application, general effort required to get to finished.
Oh what a mess Mrs T!

Oh what a mess Mrs T!

Do let us know of anything else you’d like to know or if there is any paint in particular you’d like us to review.


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