Dulux Endurance+ is it worth it?

Our first paint review, let us know what you think!

What is Dulux Edurance+ ?
According to Dulux their Endurance+ is an extremely tough paint, “Diamond tough”, 20 times tougher than standard Dulux, it’s washable, and has a “Chromal clock” which means no colour fading.

Why did we choose it?
We are painting our soon to be Chambre d’hôte and recognise that in this environment our paint work is likely to suffer more wear and tear than average. So durability was an important factor when choosing paint. The price of Dulux Endurance+ compares well with Dulux standard emulsion. Endurance+ has a premium of around 18%. We had a quick look on the internet and reviews were positive so we thought we’d give it a try and see if it lived up to the hype.

Where did we use it?
The first area painted in Endurance+ was the hall landing and stairs, closely followed by 5 bedrooms and our lounge. We’ve used a range of shades from the relatively pale “Jurassic Stone” to a much darker “Stonewashed Blue” all in a mat finish. Surfaces were smooth or textured and we used a range of brushes and rollers.

What did we think of it?
Mr T has been the chief applier of Endurance+ and declares it “a joy to use”, which is just as well, he’s had a lot of painting to get through. The paint covered well even when going from light to dark, or dark to light. One of our bedroom walls has gone from light to dark, back to light and is soon to become a different shade of light, thank goodness we have been more decisive elsewhere. Endurance + is easy to apply and leaves a nice finish. Mr T thinks it better than other paints, he “likes it!”

Did it do what it said on the tin?

  • Diamond tough: Can paint ever really be diamond like? But so far so good, the paint seems to take a few days to really toughen up and during that time it can scuff like any other fresh paint, but after this it performs well. The hall was one of the first areas we painted and has stood up well to extensive decorating traffic carrying step ladders etc, we have not noticed any chipping, scuffs or marks.
  • Coverage 13 m2: Probably, and much better when using a roller.
  • 5 hrs drying time: Yes, and lots less when its hot.
  • 2 coats: Absolutely, we’ve not had to use more than 2 coats anywhere.
  • Washable: So far so good.
  • No colour fading: Too early to tell, with only 6 months since first application.
  • Water soluble: Mr T is a very tidy painter, but did get some on his beloved slouchy trousers (panic stations!), but it came off no problem (phew) with a sponge and water.

Yep, we like this paint and we think it is worth the premium.

Mr T with some of his increasingly famous "cutting in".

Mr T with some of his increasingly famous “cutting in”.

Lounge - Before

Lounge – Before

Lounge - After a coat of "Muddy Puddle"

Lounge – After a coat of “Muddy Puddle”


Guest stairs in "Jurassic Stone"

Guest stairs in “Jurassic Stone”




2 thoughts on “Dulux Endurance+ is it worth it?

  1. Ken says:

    I’m one that has experienced the finishing of the Endurance paintwork and the unusual shade names. I’m sure that Mr & Mrs ‘T’ can feel well and truly satisfied by the finish and their selection of colours for their new chambre d’hôte.


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